Public Truck Scale


  • Alameda Metals has two public truck scales for our customers and the general public. If you arrive at Alameda Metals with a truckload or car load of material, you will be directed to pull onto one of the truck scales. Our scale master will direct you to pull off of the scale when he has recorded your weight. You will then be directed to the proper unloading area.
  • Our truck scales are also available to the general public for weighing vehicles for the DMV or getting weights for moving vans. We are state certified and have certified weight tickets accepted by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. There is a small fee for a certified weight ticket.
  • All of our scales are serviced frequently to ensure you the most accurate weight of the items you bring in.
  • Any containers that you bring your materials in need to be dumped and put back into your vehicle if you would like to keep them before you get you weighed out.