Copper Scrap & Wire


Alameda Metals accepts all types of copper materials such as #1 and #2 copper insulated wire. Copper materials also include, copper pipe, Romex, copper bearings and radiators. We accept copper wire gauges as small as 28 AWG and up to 750 MCM and larger. We will take items such as phone cords and outlet cores. We have competitive pricing so please call and we will quote you a price over the phone. Pricing may change daily, so please call and get our most current prices.
Some of the industries that we serve for copper wire scrap are:
  • Electricians
  • Machine Shops
  • Automotive Repair Centers
  • Auto Wrecking Yards
  • Contractors
We do offer industrial pick-up and bin services for your convenience. When you arrive at our facility, please allow our employees to unload your vehicle for you!