Aircraft Demolition


Alameda Metals is a leader in the Aircraft Dismantling industry. With over 15 years of experience, our crew has extensive knowledge of the environmental and safety aspects of deconstructing aircraft. With over 500 aircraft taken apart and scrapped, Alameda Metals has developed an unsurpassed reputation for being quick, efficient and knowledgeable in all areas of Aircraft Demolition. Our operators have developed a unique system of taking apart aircraft. Our crew was featured in a National Geographic, television episode of “Cut in Half”. Here, you can see our guys operation from start to finish. We have been featured in other videos and magazines worldwide. Our extensive list of aircraft that we have dismantled includes everything from a 747 down to small commuter planes. We have worked at airports nationally as well as internationally. Some of the sites we have done work on include the Mojave and Victorville Airports, Burbank Airport in California, and airports in Kingman, Goodyear and Tucson, AZ. We did a fascinating job in Japan as well.

  • We partner with FAA certified associates that can remove and tag your parts per FAA standards before the plane is deconstructed.
  • We are also able to handle the storage of you plane with FAA approved Sites and Storage Programs.

Alameda Metals is a one stop service for the complete decommission and destruction of your aircraft.